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Appliance MART has 3 locations in the North Florida area. We sell refurbished appliances that all go thorough an extensive inspection process, are then repaired, sanitized, and finally restored cosmetically. Once this process is completed, they are brought to one of our locations and resold at tremendous discounts.


With the efforts of all our team members, large box retailers and local community, we’re able to accumulate thousands of appliances on a monthly basis for very little up front cost. The majority of the cost goes into a part that may be needed, the manpower of repairing and inspecting these appliances. In most cases we are able to give these appliances a second life and pass the savings on to you!

The appliances we refurbish are inspected thoroughly and warranties to assure you have a long lasting appliance at a great value.


Our pricing varies depending on age, model, features and presentation.

In general, our basic:

  • Washer/dryer sets range from $275.00 – $450.00
  • Basic White Refrigerator $180.00 – $299.00
  • Basic Coil top Stove $165.00 – $250.00
  • Deep Freezer $175.00 – $395.00
  • Dish Washer $89.00 – $299.00



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